PR: How Viola.AI Uses Blockchain to Tackle the Billion Dollar Love Scams Industry

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One of the questions that the Viola.AI team is frequently confronted with – why does the dating and relationship industry need blockchain?

One of the main problems that blockchain helps to solve is trust.

There is a huge problem of trust in the dating industry – online scammers make billions of dollars a year by feeding on unsuspecting bachelors. Their usual modus operandi – catch a picture of a random decent looking person online, pretend to be the person, use a fake name, and start chatting with singles who think that this character actually exists. Once an emotional connection is created, they will start coming up with sad stories of coolness to ask for money transfers.

One of the secrets of this industry is that many online sites and mobile apps use bots to entice their users to subscribe to their services. With the short lifetime of the customer and the fast termination rates, many industry players have succumbed to such unethical practices, breaking the trust between the service provider and the user.

First, with the Viola.AI Real ID verification based on blockchain, the identity of singles is verified by visual recognition and singles can now be sure that they are really discussing with Authentic and verified users. More faceless characters, more fake profiles containing images of models or actors / actresses. In addition, by hacking the REAL-ID results on the blockchain and decentralizing key personal information to mobile devices, this will ensure that even if there is a security breach, all private data is still protected.

Use case: Elizabeth uploads a photo to create her profile on Viola.AI. Viola.AI verifies that Elizabeth is a real person taking a real-time video scan of her face and checking against her social media accounts before approving her profile. The process is then decentralized and stored on the Blockchain.

Second, VIOLA tokens are both a community and utility token. The power of an AI depends on the accuracy and reliability of the data. With Viola.AI, our tokens can be used as a reward for users who contribute content, provide answers and generate data to increase Viola.AI's accuracy. By having our own chips rather than using other cryptocurrency, the transaction is frictionless as opposed to using gas.

Use case: Henry decides to propose to Elizabeth. He asks the community about Viola.AI tips and ideas. Dozens of users respond with their proposal stories while merchants respond with offers for their services and their sites. Henry chooses the best suggestions and his proposal is a success!

Third, Ethereum's intelligent contracts ensure that all rewards, revenue shares and the benchmark commission to be paid are met as promised, not only today, but also for the future. The process is without confidence. This would attract and encourage more merchants and experts to come to the market and propel the growth of Viola.AI.

Use case: The 1st wedding anniversary of Henry and Elizabeth arrives. Viola.AI reminds Henry and asks him if he wants to do something special. Flowers and a special date, says Henry. Viola.AI sends her 3 different suggestions for roses – Elizabeth's favorite! After Henry decides on flowers, Viola.AI arranges their delivery and delivers the restaurant. Henry surprises Elizabeth and their birthday is special!

Viola.AI is not a small project, but the team is confident because it has a solid foundation to start. Lunch Actually Group is the Dating Giant of Asia with 13 years of proven success and 1.4 million users with products including 4 dating apps, 2 online sites and 3 offline services and a regional presence in 6 major cities of Asia.

"Viola.AI is our most ambitious project to date, and I firmly believe that Viola.AI will transform the dating and relationship industry.We have already successfully helped thousands of singles in Asia to find their happiness for life.By exploiting blockchain technology and AI, our dream is to help millions if not billions around the world to find love, to nurture their relationships and to be happy and fulfilling, "said Violet Lim, CEO and co-founder.

For the co-founders, Violet Lim and Jamie Lee, it is essential to understand the painful points of relationship and relational journey. After meeting hundreds of thousands of people over the past 13 years, they know what singles need, and what is currently missing from the industry – which has become the inspiration for Viola's conceptualization .HAVE.

Viola.AI is the leading marketplace for dating and relationships. It will be the first encounter and A.I. relationship that evolves with users – by creating a comprehensive and borderless complete loop solution of dating, court, relationship to marriage. With the ability to perform in-depth learning about the personality, background and behavior of each user, Viola.AI can give them the most relevant and useful advice, and invite couples before the important steps of the relationship. ]

Viola.AI will also incorporate a community-based market space where experts, merchants and partners can come and provide relevant goods and services to users at the right time.

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