Faced With Criticism IOTA Fans Try to Bully Growing List of Detractors

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The accusations of FUD, #fakenews and similar terms are unfortunately all too common in the world of crypto. Field start-ups are often run by young people, sometimes bringing a new perspective and a new attitude, but some seem to lack the maturity needed to run a public company. In the case of IOTA, this is exacerbated by the sycophants that allow this situation and rather attack critics than having an adult discussion.

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IOTA fans try to silence critics

 Facing criticism IOTA fans are trying to intimidate the growing list of detractors "width =" 300 "height =" 300 "/> IOTA, the network behind the 10th crypto the world's most valuable currency (MIOTA), is the subject of various criticisms and doubts about its technological capabilities, while any project valued at nearly $ 5 billion at such an early stage should spur the world. Waiting for IOTA Promoters </p>
<p> In recent days, as more and more analysts raised questions about the project, IOTA fans were picking up on critics, anonymously posting articles against some community influencers and trying to get social media out completely. This is in addition to IOTA's standard operating method when someone writes something that he can not handle, a childish or unpleasant ad hominem attack from the head of the team on Twitter followed a barrage of similar insults from his subordinates (and probably bots that frequency seems to suggest). </p>
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Rather than thinking about the behavior that put them in hot water, the IOTA promoters seem to double. They embraced an "us against them" mentality, where any reporter asking questions, any developer opposing their non-blockchain solution, and even former investors who complain about their Stolen are all seen only as enemies attacking the group.

Here's how an IOTA blogger described it today: "We decided to launch an anti-misinformation report that goes out every day if possible. A group of people are ready to help me with that. The reports will include timestamps, tweets, sources, names of "attackers" and the FUD explained and corrected. "Although this approach may intimidate some, it can not silence everyone in an ecosystem, judgment is necessary."

Do IOTA promoters do what is right for the project in attacking critics? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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