Money20/20 to Expand Financial Conference to Europe

Money20 / 20Europe is designed to be a global eurocentric catalyst promoting payments and innovation in financial services for connected commerce

[19209003] Money2020, LLC, the organizer of Money20 / 20, the world's largest event for payments and innovation of financial services with 7,000 expected attendees this year in Las Vegas – now less than 2 weeks – announced today the launch of Money20 / 20Europe, a world class conference and exhibition focused on Europe's unique opportunities and challenges. The inauguration of Money20 / 20Europe is scheduled for spring 2016.

Established in 2011 by FinTech long-term entrepreneurs Anil D. Aggarwal and Jonathan Weiner, Money20 / 20 has quickly become the preeminent event for innovators in payments and financial services, bringing together leading global organizations in the evolution of trade and money. This year's US event, which will be held in Las Vegas from November 2nd to 5th, is in the process of selling to more than 2,000 participants – including more than 2,000 executives and 650 general managers – over 2 300 companies and 60 countries.

After three successful years of building Money20 / 20 to serve as an important catalyst for the growth and development of the US payments and financial services ecosystem, Aggarwal said that it was time to make likewise in Europe.

"Money20 / 20Europe will provide an entirely new platform for European and global companies to convene and collaborate on the opportunities and challenges of the European payments and financial services industry, including new ways to manage, spend and Borrow money. "

The success of Money20 / 20 is based on three key values ​​that guarantee events of lasting importance and relevance:

(1) Outstanding content, including the best and most relevant speakers in the region,
(2) An inclusive audience comprising thousands of key stakeholders ranging from established organizations to innovative and promising startups as well retailers, investors, analysts, media, regulators and more, and
(3) Unparalleled experience that is truly fun, insightful and offers unique opportunities for all participants.

"These values ​​have made our US event an essential part of the structure of the global financial and financial landscape and we will give them the same unwavering commitment to Money20 / 20Europe with the resources and attention to detail needed to create Europe's final annual payments and financial services event, "added Weiner.

According Pat Patel, content director of Money20 / 20Europe, based in London: "Now, more than ever, there is a crucial need for the entire industry to come together, and we are delighted to provide the platform for the European market. move the conversation forward for thought leadership and business advantage "

To learn more about Money20 / 20, visit and for more information on Money20 / 20Europe, contact

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